Consumer Returns - Polymer Recovered

Consumer Returns – Polymer Recovered

Problem / Opportunity:

A multi-national producer of toner cartridges needed a solution to the growing problem of consumer returns and the rising costs of HIPS resin. The returned material contains ABS, HIPS, Acetal (plus several other polymers), urethane and silicone rubber, foam and both ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Impact on Customer:

The rising costs of HIPS resin was making it difficult to continue to compete in a global market. Recovery of HIPS at well below market price would mean the difference between maintaining manufacturing here in the USA or not. The customer also reclaims more HIPS than they presently consume. To avoid shutting off valued returns and realizing a loss of the HIPS resin source, alternative markets for the excess HIPS would need to be created.

Butler-MacDonald’s Solution:

We approached this recovery effort as a partner with the manufacturer by sharing information while developing, building and refining recovery processes. This partnership effort enabled the customer to obtain the quality and yield they required. All materials that the customer requires are sent directly to them for manufacturing and Butler-MacDonald markets the excess inventory of HIPS in several forms.


Today we consistently recover HIPS from this highly-complex stream that meets a 99.98% (for regrind) and 99.99%+ (Pellet) quality specification at a price that offers a substantial cost advantage compared to the purchase of prime resin. The manufacturer now maintains a comfortable ability to compete on the manufacturing of products and a platform to build upon for the future.

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Consumer Returns - Polymer Recovered
Clean HIPS Regrind
Consumer Returns - Polymer Recovered
HIPS Pellet Recovered