Contaminated Resins: ABS & PP Raw Material Bargains

Contaminated Resins: ABS & PP Raw Material Bargains

Problem / Opportunity:

A silo with natural ABS prime resin had been cross-contaminated and time was of the essence. The source needed to get the material removed from their silo immediately (via bulk truck) so that replacement material could be received.

One of our customers (a distributor) had an opportunity to bid on the commingled polymers. A total of 100,000 lbs. of natural ABS pellets had been commingled with natural PP pellets (all the material was virgin pellets).

Impact on Customer:

Our customer saw an opportunity to acquire valuable prime material “as is” at a fraction of prime value. Prior to submitting a bid for the material, the customer needed to establish if the materials could be separated and needed Butler-MacDonald to receive the material in bulk trucks.

Butler-MacDonald’s Solution:

Upon Butler-MacDonald’s receipt of an overnight sample, we confirmed that the two resins could be separated, provided the quotation and guaranteed the separation results. Armed with this information, our customer was able to submit a successful bid for the material.


The material shipped direct to Butler-MacDonald for processing where Butler MacDonald recovered 94% of the ABS and PP pellets. If you were our customer, you could realized a net gain of salable PP and ABS at less than 60% of market value.

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Contaminated Resins: ABS & PP Raw Material Bargains
ABS Recovered
Contaminated Resins: ABS & PP Raw Material Bargains
PP Recovered