Contamination Not Seen Commingled PC, GPPS & PVC

Contamination Not Seen Commingled PC, GPPS & PVC

Problem / Opportunity:

A compounder acquired what they believed to be clean, clear PC regrind contaminated with off-colored pieces. Thinking they could use the material as received, they blended the material so it could be used in production.

Unfortunately, after the company blended the material they found the material was contaminated with other resins (clear GPPS and clear PVC). None of the contaminants were visually apparent upon receipt. Because they had been satisfied with our work in the past, they asked us to clean up the contaminated material and get them back clean usable PC.

Impact on Customer:

Since the material had already been blended, the originator of the PC regrind refused to accept return of the material. Without Butler-MacDonald, the options available to the customer were:

  • use the material in low concentrations with other clean PC and risk cross-contaminating even more material, or
  • export the material “as is” for less than 33% of its original acquisition cost.

Solution to Customer:

A no cost evaluation of the sample confirmed that our proprietary approach to processing could effectively and economically separate the PC and deliver thte purity required.  A quote guaranteeing the results was issued and accepted.


Butler-MacDonald processed the material and the customer received a 93% yield of 99.99% pure PC regrind. They did not have to incur a significant loss of material, or suffer a low export price.

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Contamination Not Seen Commingled PC, GPPS & PVC
PVC / GPPS Removed
Contamination Not Seen Commingled PC, GPPS & PVC
Clean PC Recovered