Ground Spill Scrap: Usable Plastic Recovered

Ground Spill Scrap: Usable Plastic Recovered

Problem / Opportunity:

54,000 lbs. of dark gray/black ABS virgin pellets had been contaminated with wood, cardboard, dirt and rocks from a ground spill.

Impact on Customer:

With production now halted due to the ground spill and now contaminated material, the customer had to either immediately buy replacement prime ABS pellets or find someone who could recover usable ABS from the contaminated material. Time was of the essence since the customer had production commitments that required clean ABS.

Solution for Customer:

Upon receipt of a sample, an immediate analysis confirmed that Butler-MacDonald could recover clean, usable ABS pellets that would meet the customer’s quality expectations. A price, with estimated yield and guaranteed purity, was quoted up front to perform the recovery process which was cost effective for the customer.


With a 96% yield of usable ABS pellets, the manufacturer recovered value from the contaminated ABS pellets for a fraction of the cost of replacement material.

Accidents are unanticipated events.

However, with Butler-MacDonald, you can anticipate high-quality and results. We guarantee it.

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Ground Spill Scrap: Usable Plastic Recovered
Ground Spill Scrap: Usable Plastic Recovered