Medical Molding Scrap is a Good Source of HIPS

Problem / Opportunity:

A medical molder had been recycling 1.2 million pounds per year of scrap plastics.  Whole parts, purge, floor sweepings and regrind were put on the truck.  Landfill avoidance was the minimum requirement although a greater value proposition existed. 

The product line was primarily made from a HIPS resin yet was also mixed with polyolefins and polyesters.  A separation was however possible.

Butler-MacDonald’s Solution:

Butler-MacDonald developed a solution to recover the HIPS resin.  The recovered HIPS can be in the form of a clean regrind or a reprocessed pellet.  Demand is historically greater for reprocessed pellets as the quality, uniform size and color allow for a greater let down ratio.  As a result, the medical molder realized a 35% greater return and was able to claim that the waste stream was close-looped into a domestic CPG application.

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