Paper lined closures: No Burnt Paper Stink

Paper lined closures: No Burnt Paper Stink

Problem / Opportunity:

A closure manufacturer had a customer switch from a blue two piece assembled closure to an orange PP closure that required a paper liner. With the orange being a specific color, when scrap was generated they wanted to maintain a color sort to reclaim the orange colored polymer. However, they had no solution for recovering the plastic from paper lined closures.

Prior to considering Butler-MacDonald, they had a company try to repelletize the paper lined closures but the residual paper caused discoloration and a burnt odor.


Upon discussing the material with the company, Butler-MacDonald learned that the paper lined closures can be both unground and ground. That’s not an issue because either form is acceptable. Butler-MacDonald was able to remove the paper lining and recover orange reprocessed pellets. In addition, Butler-MacDonald was able to dispose of the paper as an alternative fuel source – zero landfill initiative.

Benefit to the Customer:

The closure manufacturer captured 80% of the paper lined closures as a direct offset to prime resin costs. On one occasion, the closure manufacturer asked Butler-MacDonald to color the obsolete orange paper lined closures black. The closure manufacturer was able to turn the obsolete inventory into a usable raw material. By using our other proprietary methods prior to any attempts to extrude or do melt filtering, we were able to pelletize the polymer, eliminate the odors and create the quality required.

Don’t let paper stink up your recycling efforts – call Butler-MacDonald – Today.

Paper lined closures: No Burnt Paper Stink
After – Pellet Black
Paper lined closures: No Burnt Paper Stink
After – Pellet Orange