Reprocessing the Wheel

Problem / Opportunity:

The largest wheel & caster manufacturer in the world occasionally produces a load that doesn’t meet spec or that has a large number of over-runs.  To meet their green and sustainability initiatives, they were looking for a way not to landfill the incorrect spec runs and use those back into their feedstream.  At their location, they do not have the ability to size reduce or pelletize to close the loop.

Butler-MacDonald’s Solution:

We’re able to assist the customer in this initiative by turning those whole parts (some are up to 8” in diameter) down to a reprocessed black pellet.  Our customer is then able to use that black pellet immediately back into their feedstream to produce more of their injection molded wheels.  Some of which you may have noticed on your favorite brand of rolling coolers.


Our customer is able to use the reprocessed black pellet back into their manufacturing process without having to blend it with virgin pellets.  The price to reprocess the off-spec wheels is a fraction of what virgin PP pellets are currently priced at.  Our customer is able to meet their circularity needs keeping a feedstream out of landfills and save a pretty penny while accomplishing it.

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