Security Devices Source of Raw Materials

Security Devices Source of Raw Materials

Problem / Opportunity:

A North American department store chain needed a solution for handling millions of clothing security devices without having to send them to a landfill. They approached a leading provider of comprehensive waste and environmental services in North America, who partnered with Butler-MacDonald to provide a solution.

Butler-MacDonald is often approached to recover usable plastics from end-of-life applications. Security devices cannot be reused and require secured destruction. Sending to a landfill was not an option. Additionally, the department store chain wanted to recover value from their security devices. A unique recovery infrastructure was implemented with all recovered security devices coming direct to Butler-MacDonald.


Butler-MacDonald was able to recover all the ABS and metal fractions. The recovered fractions were sold into alternative markets with the assistance of Butler-MacDonald.

Benefit to the Customer:

The department store was able to realize profits from the sale of ABS and metal recovered from their security devices – they also achieved their objective of landfill avoidance.

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Security Devices Source of Raw Materials
ABS Regrind After
Security Devices Source of Raw Materials
ABS Pellet After