Silo Contamination: Polymers Get Recovered

Silo Contamination: Polymers Get Recovered

Problem / Opportunity:

50,000 lbs. of natural ABS virgin pellets had been contaminated with PVC pellets (square) and
a trace amount of yellow concentrate and black resin – a result of silo cross-contamination.
The material required immediate removal from the silo in order for the customer to get a
replacement load of ABS pellets and maintain production.

Impact on Customer:

The customer was prepared to export the contaminated material “as is” for about 18% the cost
of replacement material, resulting in a loss of 82%. To export (or sell) the material, containers
were required and would need to be purchased to pack out the contaminated material (an
additional $0.02/lb. loss).

Based upon these options, the customer would incur a significant loss compared to the original
sale price.

Butler-MacDonald’s Solution:

Butler-MacDonald sampled, quoted and received the bulk truck. Immediately upon arrival,
Butler-MacDonald removed the yellow concentrate (and other contaminants) and went on to
recover both clean ABS and clean PVC pellets as separate polymers using our various separation


The customer was able to maintain production by immediately draining the silo into a bulk
truck and scheduling a replacement shipment of virgin ABS pellets. Butler-MacDonald recovered
value for unusable plastic resulting in a 98% combined yield of 100% pure natural ABS &
PVC pellets at a cost that was economically viable for our customer.

Export turned out to be no solution at all.

You won’t believe everything we can do. Until you call us.

Silo Contamination: Polymers Get Recovered
Clean PVC Recovered
Silo Contamination: Polymers Get Recovered
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