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"Our company started as a “niche” company solving difficult plastic separation needs. Over the last 40 years, we made it part of our culture to set a better standard for work conditions and quality of product within the plastic recycling industry. We recognize those we serve are not trying to create scrap – but when they needed our services, we must perform to the best of our ability and meet or exceed manufacturing standards. Today, demand for the services and material we produce is at an all-time high as are the costs to produce our goods and services. To combat these challenges, companies need to reinvest where possible to lower costs, boost employee productivity. We are doing that. Every business today is competing for employees. We believe each employee we hire is walking into a culture where they have unlimited opportunity to grow and make not only a personal and corporate difference, but a world difference. What was once just a small niche company has grown to convert a wide variety of unusable plastics into a form suitable for manufacturing."
 - J. Scott Johnson, CEO

Butler-MacDonald Building

Companies that utilize the Butler-MacDonald plastic recycling service enjoy the comfort of knowing they are working with a company that has the experience to solve their plastic recycling needs. The advantage you gain by using Butler-MacDonald’s is an ability to tap in to the breadth of knowledge the company has earned over many decades of providing plastic separation services using almost every type of plastic separation equipment.

Butler-MacDonald enjoys a reputation for providing the highest quality and purity obtainable through our recycling efforts. But there is also a new Butler-MacDonald emerging that can also address value based recycling to those where utmost purity is not the driving factor and source materials to fit production requirements. Either way we guarantee our service. If we have failed to meet the commitments of our written quotation, we will reperform the service for free. In cases where the separation simply cannot be done, you pay nothing.

Butler-MacDonald works with buyers of plastics, manufacturers, plastics brokers/recyclers and prime resin producers to recover plastic coming from pre-consumer - or post-production plastics and finished products. This includes helping organizations:

  • Reduce production costs by recovering plastic from a multitude of different streams
  • Maintain market share by reclaiming plastic value from expired or sub-standard end products
  • Comply with environmental missions through plastic recycling initiatives
  • Create revenue by recovering valuable plastic to a form suitable for manufacturing or sale

Founded in 1983, Butler-MacDonald is privately held and headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. To learn more about the company, its proprietary processes, security measures or the vast industries it serves, contact us for additional information.


I and my company have been using Butler MacDonald for a wide variety of toll processing services for well over 15 years. And the word I would use that best summarizes their services is “reliable”. Reliable in terms of the customer service and communication. Reliable in understanding the best manner in which to handle materials that range from common to potentially problematic. And reliable in meeting a customer’s requirements and expectations for quality of work and staying within the promised timeline of completion.

Whether it’s separating valuable materials from contaminants, pelletizing or simple grind/wash services. Butler MacDonald has become our go-to provider for the toll services that can make the difference between lost material and a usable product.

Jay Bucciero

Commodity Broker, Bach Polymers

Partnering with Butler McDonald since 2015 has help Sewing Collection Inc. (a world class recycler of department store hangers) to divert over 1.5 billion hangers from landfills annually. We chose them as our primary partnership with core values in mind. Trust, honestly and a commitment to the environment. Butler McDonald has treated us like a partner from day one in our mission for sustainably. Their pelletizing services are outstanding and the material is always clean and ready to run.

Ben Nazarian

Director of Operations, Sewing Collection Inc.

Our company has been using Butler MacDonald for our plastics recycling for years. The service is fantastic and the quality of the returned product is second to none. I would highly recommend Butler MacDonald for your plastic recycling needs.

Production Manager

#1 Ranked Injection Molder in 2021
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