Coextruded Window Profiles: Coextruded Parts

Coextruded Window Profiles: Coextruded Parts

Problem / Opportunity:

A custom profile extrusion manufacturer generated scrap coextruded profiles on a monthly basis. The two polymers, rigid PVC (white) and flexible PVC (black), are not compatible in the melt stream. Prior to using Butler MacDonald, the company had other recycler’s sort the two materials but suffered a 25% yield loss.

Impact on Manufacturer:

While this extrusion manufacturer produces material that has not yet been turned into windows, many manufacturers end up with scrap window frame material during the window manufacturing process. Because it often has many metal components (pictured above) along with additional polymers attached (in addition to the flex PVC), they think it is too costly to reclaim the PVC, or not possible at all. In the end, they sell off this material for a fraction of what the original cost was to acquire the resin and miss the benefit of reclaiming the material.


Butler MacDonald is able to separate the white rigid PVC from the black flexible PVC. Had it been required, we also could have removed the other polymers (nylons, PP, etc.) and removed the metal components yielding a clean PVC that meets most manufacturing standards.

Benefit to the Customer:

In this case study, the custom profile extrusion manufacturer achieved an 84% recovery rate of white rigid PVC. The loses went from over 25% to 16%, or a 36% reduction in lost material they experienced with previous recyclers. In addition, the company lowered freight costs with Butler MacDonald.

Coextruded Window Profiles: Coextruded Parts
PVC Rigid & Flex Regrind
Coextruded Window Profiles: Coextruded Parts
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