Label Scrap (L-Scrap): Paper Is Out – Plastic Is In

Label Scrap (L-Scrap): Paper is Out – Plastic is In

Problem / Opportunity:

A PET bottle manufacturer generates defect bottles with adhered labels. The labels cannot go back into the melt stream.


During Butler-MacDonald’s initial sample evaluation, metal and color contaminants were found in addition to the labels. Amoung the many other things we can do, Butler-MacDonald is set up to remove metals, colors and labels and make the material suitable for use in a clear application.

Benefit to the Customer:

The PET bottle manufacturer recovered 97% of the PET as clear and it was used as a direct offset to prime resin at a significant cost savings. Subsequently, the bottle manufacturer had multiple plants send Butler-MacDonald labeled scrap. Butler-MacDonald maintains lot integrity and traceability throughout the process. It is critical that each plant get back their respective material.

Label Scrap (L-Scrap): Paper Is Out – Plastic Is In
Label Scrap (L-Scrap): Paper Is Out – Plastic Is In